Friday, January 23, 2015

Feats & Fails 1/23/2015

Another week down.  Which means Friday, again.  Yay!  On to the Feats & Fails!!

-  For the first time in YEARS, I do not have a single drop of wine in the house.  It isn't really that big of a deal except I ran out on the day I really needed a glass.

-  Hung out with a loser.  I knew he was a loser last week, but I learn everything the hard way and gave him another chance.  I don't know if there is a nice way to say that he rose to the occasion to show me just how much of a dick he is.

 -  I failed to record anything on MyFitnessPal this week. And I'm just hungry all the time.

-  I was supposed to be taking care of the landlord's diabetic cat this past week.  I missed a shot.  I feel horrid about it.

-  I let myself be in a shitty mood more often than not this week.

-  I was about to have a sex dream, when the man turned into Alec Baldwin.  No bueno.

- Sinus infection from hell.

-  I finally got my order from AntiClothes.  Very disappointed.  Not only did it take a month for them to just ship the item to get to me, but my order was poorly packaged and the damn shirts run so small it is ridiculous.  Customer service was lousy and unprofessional.  I wanted to be supportive because it is a small business, but for fuck's sake...if you can't keep up with fucking orders then stop paying for Facebook advertising. 

+  I ditched the loser.  I didn't answer texts from other losers.  I think I'm getting rid of losers.  I downloaded a $7-frickin-dollar app to help me not get messages from losers. Feeling good about cleaning house.  I'm going to start weeding out people who aren't worth putting pants on for. 
+  I cleaned around the house. No... I am not a Pod Person.  It's really me.

+  The antibiotics for my sinus infection were cheap.  Thank God.

+  My boss let me do a "project" at work which might be going well.  I'm not sure yet.  But we had a meeting this week, most positive and generally believable meeting I've ever had.

+ I met Bonehead's Mom and Brother.  I don't think they hate me. 

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