Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Feats & Fails 01/16/2015

And another Friday has come!  Whoo hoo!  Let's talk about sex...let's talk about...wait... I mean, our week.  Yeah.

-  I told a man he was being a blumpy. Yes, that sadly happened.  It changed things for about a day and then he went back to the obnoxious behavior he was exhibiting before.  I've never met a human being with such horrible communication issues... and I'm including my exes.

- I thought I was getting sick multiple times this week.  I've been exposed to colds and stomach bugs left and right and I'm not sleeping well.  It isn't really a question as to "if" I'm going to get sick, but "when" at this point and I'm waiting for it.

-  Part of the reason I'm not sleeping is because I'm having nightmares. 

-  Brrr.  It's cold in Wisconsin.  It's been as low as -17 here in the last week.

-  I killed a pair of blue jeans.  The only thing I hate more than jeans shopping is bra shopping.  Speaking of bras... I snapped another underwire on one this week.  I have boobs of steel, or something.

-  This:

-  I've struggled with my personal decision not to dye my hair all week and... I have bags under my eyes.  I'm just not sleeping well.  I look terrible.

-  I'm behind on a shit ton of correspondence and owe people Thank You notes. 

Both Ipsy and Birchbox sent me some great stuff this month (not including the eye cream, I feel like the universe is telling me I look like shit).

I know I'm supposed to be doing Cream Cleansers right now as part of my dedication to not washing every day and growing out my hair, but when I got Fekkai Shampoo and Condition at less than half the price I could not say no.  It was more money than I should have spent, but it was MORE THAN 50% OFF.  I refuse to feel bad for it.

+  Work is awesome.  My boss agreed to let me proceed with a fun project that I'm really excited about.  I love being a part of this team.

+  I'm back with Sunday Confessions.  This week's topic: Space.  I'm feeling very excited about it.

+  I'm hopefully going to see Bonehead tomorrow.

+ My brother texted me and wants me to come help him make cupcakes on Sunday and watch crappy movies. 

+ My nephew said nice things to me.

+  My steps are up, my calories are down and mostly logged.  Positive week!


  1. I've had a pretty good week. Considering the flu hit.

    Fail: I had to cancel date night with my son. Because flu. He took it like a champ and said we can reschedule. I still feel like a failure.

    Feats: my fiancé and I were interviewed for the local newspapers for a feature article on our new business. I can believe this small town girl is gonna be in the paper!

    We picked a venue for our wedding. Finally. And dresses, colors, flowers and food. Finally.

    I realized how amazing the people are in my circle. My best friend designed an ad to go with our feature story. My fiancé's family paid for the ad. And others have hired us to make stuff for their homes and refinish family heirlooms. The outpouring of support has been incredibly humbling. Because of them we will succeed.

    Overall, I've had a pretty good week. And I am happy.

  2. I love your honestly and how you make reality entertaining. I've never heard the term blumpy but I shall use it from now on. Yay for Sunday confessions I've missed them and you Ash. I'll be back after a late dinner with my Friday link up. Have a great weekend. 😃

  3. Sunday space. Ok. I'm in. May not wear pants while writing.