Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Feats & Fails

You know what day it is.  You know what we do here.  So let's get it over with and move on with the weekend!

-  I'm tired as hell and I've been miserable.  I think I'm running low on Vitamin D or something because everything sucks. 

-  Speaking of everything sucks, I'm broke. 

-  Bonehead sucks.  I'm just miserable with everything he says and does and he actually made me cry the other night with his douchiness.  It isn't that he's trying to be mean.  The truth is, we both suck in January.  We both have things stressing us out, pulling our minds in other directions in ways that make it really hard to be supportive of each other and when things are like this it just feels like the other person isn't trying, and when it comes down to it neither one of us really is.  What the fuck does that even mean?  It just means we're miserable.  He's content that things will even out... I spend a lot of time thinking about and threatening to punch him in the kidney. 

-  My chair at work is broken.  It's a rolling chair and isn't rolling.  I'm pretty sure it is because of my fat ass.  That's an awkward and embarrassing thing to have to tell your boss and so I haven't.  I'm not a very good adult this week. 

-  I bought groceries, then continued to make the food requiring the least amount of effort possible. 

-  Battery in my FitBit died like Tuesday.  I haven't replaced it.  I also haven't recorded anything on MyFitnessPal with any kind of regularity this week. 

-  I stayed up too late multiple nights this week. 

-  I actually blogged, and it wasn't as warmly received as I would have liked. 

-  I'm so ashamed to admit this... but there is something dead in my refrigerator.  I'm really miserable about cleaning out my fridge on a regular basis.  There is almost always something expired in there.  This time it was milk and the container exploded.  I'm fighting the stench.  It is awful.  I could just cry.  It's so bad.  

+  Someone on my personal Facebook page keeps posting photos of her children and talking about what a wonderful game "Ring around the Rosie" is.  Her kids are great, I'm glad they're spending time with their father playing... it is wonderful that everyone is happy.  I am a pile of shit, however, because every time she posts about what a wonderful game it is I want to tell her that "Ring around the Rosie" is referring to the Black Death and depending on what version you know also refers to the death of plague victims or the cremation of their bodies.  This is a feat only because I have somehow managed not to do this... yet. 

+  Dinner with my brother to celebrate his new job.  Which is like two feats because I got dinner out and I'm happy when my brother is happy.  Love him. 

+  I started making No Knead Bread.  I'm doing the easy way, not the double rise way because I'm lazy.  It isn't bad.  I might get better.  I might start doing it the "complicated" way.  But I'm thrilled and so far I don't miss traditional bread. 

+  "Empire".  Thought I was going to hate it, but I love it and it is nice to have a show I'm really into again. 

+  I wrote a blog and talked about my vagina and I don't feel very ashamed or terrible for it.  Read it here.

+  I actually wore my CPAP to bed.  So that's awesome because I forget a lot. 

+  I created a group of contacts on my phone named "Passive Aggressive Betas with Internalized Misogyny and Victim Complexes".  Their custom ringtone is "Not Fair" by Lily Allen.  I was inspired by this meme: 

  The fail is that I have so many of these, and I've dated many of them.  But... I can get over it every single time Lily starts singing.

+  Actually cleaned my kitchen, some. 

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  1. I loved this Ash your honesty and ability to still make people laugh are so awesome!!! I can't stand that ring around the Rosie song. I learned it as ashes, ashes, we all fall down from my Mom. I would even tell my teacher at school you're singing it wrong. I didn't know you needed a CPAP. I have to be tested for sleep apnea so I might just be wearing one too. All the best hon, enjoy your weekend. 😊