Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Feats & Fails 2-6-2015

It's Friday.  Thank goodness. It's been a long one.  I can't even pretend this week had a chance.

-  I was an hour and a half late for work today.  FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.  It worked out, and my boss was cool about it, but still.  This isn't something that should happen.

-  Speaking of work... I'm upset and don't want to deal with my personal life.  I hate that I don't have overtime when I don't want to deal with my real life.

-  I've struggled with my depression this week in horrible, horrible ways.  I think I'm deficient in Vitamin D.  I've suspected this for 4 days.  Know what I've done about it? Nothing.  It's as simple as taking the damn Vitamin D, and have I done it?  Nope.

-  I haven't even tried to replace the battery in my FitBit or tracking my calories.

-  Shark Week.  We're having complications with that whole process right now. 

- Bonehead... still a Bonehead.  I haven't answered any of his calls all week because it's honestly like, "Why bother?".  The last time he called, I just got upset.  For my mental health, I just can't deal with that right now.

- I haven't done anything to really take care of myself or my life this week. I've basically chosen to have a "this sucks" attitude about everyone and everything and that's honestly the biggest failure of all...the fact that this is how I've chosen to be able it.

+  I met someone cool.  Like, really cool.  Like... doesn't judge me for being shitty the way I've been all week.  With my attitude, I'm being a pessimistic ass about it, but I can say that I met someone cool.

+  Work has been pleasant and relatively busy even if I can't stay there as much as I want.

That's it.  That's all I have the energy for today.  How was your week?

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