Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Feats & Fails

It's that day.  Friday the 13th.  I won't lie... I kind of love it.  There may be scary movies in my future. But let's get on with the Feats & Fails.

-  I dreamt about work at least twice this week.  I love my job, but I don't want to spend my sleepy time there.

- I ate veggies and thought I was going to die this week. Which is really just evidence of how poor my diet has been lately.  Speaking of which... they had Ghiradelli chocolate on clearance at Walgreens this week.  I bought 6.  Yes, I'm ashamed.

-  I've had a super hard time knowing what day it is all week.

-  Valentine's Day is tomorrow.  While it normally doesn't bother me and it really didn't last year because I could accept not being in a relationship after the breakup, this year... it just kind of hurts that I don't have someone in my life.  Yes... I just said that.  And I wish I had people I could go and do stuff with, like other single friends, but I really don't and so I'm just being a pouty bitch.

-  I won a giveaway from a blog.  She sent me an email in December asking for my address.  I sent it.  I still have yet to get the stuff from the company.  That kind of sucks, especially because I really wanted it. 

+ I bought something other than crap at the grocery store, so it counts for something.

+  I finally remember to buy oil for my car and went to the carwash.  Since getting my new car, I've tried to go at least once a month.  I skipped December.

+  Paneer.  I got it super cheap and I think I will be having some kind of homemade paneer masala with jasmine rice and naan on Singles Awareness Day. I might be lonely, but I'm fucking eating well.

+  I remembered to buy stuff for some friends who I have been promising stuff for months.  Now I just actually have to send it. (and I got boxes too.  I'm getting there).

+  Birchbox this month was a win.  Ipsy looks like it is going to be a win too.  I'm excited even though I'm supposed to be getting rid of stuff.

Ok.  That's my week.  Short and sweet.

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