Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Confession: Open

Every few months I have a discussion with my mom about Facebook where I will tell her about something someone posted, or she'll ask if I've heard anything from so-and-so recently, sometimes I even tell her the terrible things I post on my page.  Sometimes, I'll try and gently convince her that she should sign up for Facebook or at least get a page for her business.

The response is the same every single time.  It's kind of like this:

Ok.  My mom isn't that old and she shops online, but every time the topic of her and Facebook comes up the response is, "I don't want people to know all that stuff about me."

Um.  What stuff, Mom?

And we have this conversation where I explain, again, that no one knows anything about you on Facebook unless you post it to Facebook.  Then, I explain why Facebook can be a good thing including getting in touch with old friends and being aware of social events, not to mention it would be great free advertising for her business. I've even offered to run her page for her.

She's still managed to not join the world of social media.  

Maybe it wouldn't bother me if I didn't feel like she was just using the same bullshit excuse in an attempt to annoy me because I've explained my face off clarified how social media works and can be a really great thing so she has no reason to feel that way about it.  But at the end of the day I have to respect that she is a technological hermit prefers to be the kind of person who lives her life "in person".

I think there's something to be said for that.  There are people in my life who I don't even try to connect with in real life anymore because they wouldn't look up from their damn phones at dinner or anywhere else.

Yes, I have a smart phone.

Yes, I have the world accessible to me at any moment.

But I don't think I'm that person who is so into their phone that they are unreachable in person.

That being said, that doesn't mean I don't sometimes wonder if I'm not too open.

When I wrote about my abusive relationship, my mom asked me if I really wanted to put that out there.  At the time, I did.  While I write the blog from a position of semi-anonymity and I don't share my picture (very often) or my writing is credit to Ashley from More Than Cheese and Beer and not me by my full name where it can be Googled... I still feel very exposed.

Week after week, I feel like I open a part of myself by sharing my innermost thoughts, my embarrassing moments, and the times in my life when I've felt weak, scared, stupid, strong, awesome... everything.  I've talked about my issues from my abusive relationship to my pay with self harm.  Sometimes, I get scared... is sharing so much of myself, being so open, eventually going to bite me in the ass?


  1. I have that same fear that by putting out my fears and failures that it may be used against me at a later time.

    But then I figure that it's a part of me and it makes no difference who knows about it, what they think about it or how they judge me it's my life, my story and if someone-even just one person-can connect with it then it's worth sharing my story.

    Wonderful blog ❤

  2. Apparently we're sisters as my mother is much the same. I find the cloak of anonymity comforting, but occasionally a threat will scare me too...

  3. I finally convinced my mother to join Facebook and now she tags my name on everything, and shares to MY timeline instead of just sharing. I liked it better when she wasn't on Facebook. And then there's the issue with my stepmom, dad, and MIL: now that they're in Facebook, they feel there's no need to have "in person" relationships with me or their grandkids, cuz they can act like they know us from what I post. Sometimes it best to leave the door shut and maybe only crack a window for entry instead. ;-)

  4. I'm an open book on my blog. My name is only known to a select few and my children are protected. It has to be that way, as not everyone behind a screen has mine or their best interest at heart. As I shop my writing around I became a little more open. My words I can share, my thoughts, but myself as a person and my family I protect. Thank you for being so open with me and others. I think our truth is important and will indeed set us free. 💗