Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Feats & Fails

So glad it is Friday.  Let's get this party started...


-  My birthday sucked.  Like, literally sucked.  I got a ticket.  The cats barfed everywhere.  I woke up with a migraine.  People were assholes to me and I spent a huge chunk of my day ugly crying over it. I didn't even get a piece of my own motherfucking cake.

-  As a result of my ugly birthday cry I had puffy, red, dry, and raw skin under my eyes and nose for like 3 days.

-  I haven't been tracking my food, and I've been binge eating like crazy.  I've eaten three tubes of Pringles this week, and a bag of Hershey kisses.  That might not sound so horrible, but I'm not admitting to everything I ate.  It might be because of shark week, so I'm not losing my mind about it but... doesn't mean it didn't happen.

-  I got pulled over on Tuesday because my front license plate had fallen off, then found out my damn license had expired.  I felt like a super badass and sang "Ridin Dirty" until I could get to the DMV.  Yes, that happened

-  Chronic pain flare up.  Nothing I can do about it except suffer.

+  Bonehead has been pretty awesome this week.  I love when I don't want to punch him in the kidney.

+  Catching up on bills.

+  Lots of positive customer feedback at work.

+  I got a lot of stuff done on Sunday.  Like, my house is starting to look like a normal person lives there as opposed to someone who should be on Hoarders.

+  I'm planning to garden again this year.  It's been too long.

+  I've been able to open the window, and I haven't had the heat on in nearly a week.  I can practically smell the savings!

+  Officer Foxy only gave me warnings.

+  Jeanine from Jsack Mom blog has agreed to cohost Friday Feats & Fails with me for awhile!  

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