Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Feats & Fails

There's something about the Friday before a three-day weekend! Let's talk about the Feats and Fails from the week!


- I forgot to mail an RSVP to a family wedding.  Oops.

- Last week, I shared that I haven't folded laundry in two weeks.  Make it three.

- I had a little bit of anxiety when my boyfriend, Nerdycakes, left to attend a training seminar this week.  I had planned on doing so many things while he was gone.  I ended up sleeping, eating in bed and leaving dishes everywhere.

- I'm not supposed to be spending money right now.  I'm saving to have spending money for Convergence 2017.  I bought two things I absolutely do not need: magenta hair dye and lipstick.

- I discovered that someone gave out the password to one of my streaming accounts. I'm livid about it, but instead of throwing a proper fit I opted to make a passive aggressive post about it.


+ I might not have folded the laundry, but I washed two loads.  That totally counts for something.

+ I might have had anxiety when Nerdycakes left for his convention.  The positive thing that came out of it was that I was able to write about it. Read it here: Please, Don't Leave Me

+ We had one of the busiest sales months in the history of the business at work (outside of holiday sales months). After landing four very large orders this month, I'm totally giving myself credit (I work with a team, I just like to give myself kudos sometimes). 

+ I found a new comic I'm into!  I also updated my About Me section AND I added a new page to the blog called What I'm Reading.

+ After years of not dyeing my hair and trying to grow it out, I've decided to dye it magenta and cut it all off.  The dye has been ordered.  The appointment has been made. It's just about doing it and going at this point.  I also decided I'm going to wear blue lipstick.  This is who I want to be right now and I feel good about it.

+ I still have insurance!  Simply put, there was a mix-up regarding my insurance and I received a letter saying I didn't have coverage.  A week later, I got a bill for my premiums.  Confused yet?   Me too.  I called and it turns out... I still have insurance.  For now anyway. Yay me!

+ I was approved as an affiliate for another website that I really love (hint: see advert below). I'll be writing a post soon about my decision to feature ads.  But right now, I'm just excited.

+ I'm writing again. I haven't been blogging at all and it feels good to be back.  I've posted this week.  I'm looking forward to writing another Sunday Confession (this week's topic is Shift).  I'm feeling really good about doing the things I love again.

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