Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hey, it's Ok...

Cruisin' around the Interwebs (and by that I mean I was hiding from my real life on Twitter) and came across Airing My Laundry with a link-up opportunity to make a list of things you're ok about.

It is my first time, but I'm excited!

Hey, it's OK that....
  • I need a minute to focus on what is OK right now because I'm having a real shit week (and it is only Wednesday).  Focusing on what is at least going OK sometimes puts the not-OK stuff in perspective for me and I'm choosing to believe that this popped up in my feed because I need it.
  • it's been awhile since I took a long hiatus from my weekly link-up Sunday Confessions. I felt guilty about it for awhile, but I'm finally ready to bring it back this week.  It's time to stop feeling guilty for needing a break.
  • Goodreads is telling me I'm FIVE books behind on my challenge to read 100 books this year.  It's been beautiful outside and I've been working on my photography, fishing, and enjoying the weather. I've started reading comics AND I'm including the volumes as books I've read.  I just finished Volume 6 of Saga by Brian Vaughan.  Between Saga volumes, I'm also working my way through the Harmony Black Series by Craig Schaefer.
  • there is no longer leftover pie in the refrigerator because I ate it for dinner last night... while watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
  • I totally bought myself a pair of new earrings today.
  • my boyfriend is driving back to town after leaving my place yesterday morning.  Long-distance (even when it's only an hour and forty minutes) relationships can be challenging, I'm lucky and grateful to have someone who can and wants to make the drive.
  • when he gets here, we're totally having pizza for dinner. Again. 

 That's it.  My first "Hey, It's Ok".  Thanks for stopping by and reading.  You can join with everyone linking up here: