Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Feats & Fails

Happy Friday!!! 

Welcome to Friday Feats and Fails!  You can find "The Rules" of how to participate down below! 

I don't know about you, but it's been a long one.  The first full week back after vacation seems to be the hardest.  Uffda.  


- My week started with a rough Monday when I was late to work, a kid peed in my bed and my car wouldn't start. 

- I did laundry because I needed clean panties, but I haven't done laundry all week otherwise.

- Fighting with pretty much everyone I know.  Part of it is because I asserted myself. Part of it is because I need some alone time to just do my own thing when I want to do it.  It seems like even the most introverted people I know struggle with the fact that I need my own time too. 

- I'm swollen.  After going on vacation and eating tons of crappy food, coming back and continuing to eat crappy food because I've been broke and living off pantry food (you know, all the dry goods you keep in the pantry for a rainy day but aren't healthy for you in the slightest) I'm all puffed up from sodium and not walking as much as I was. 

- I'm still having car problems, because I'm still broke.

- I have a fucking cyst. Thought it was a developing pimple when it was red and inflamed 6 months ago.  Nope. Gross. I think this is what happens when you watch too many YouTube videos of people "popping" cysts and thinking they're doing it wrong.  You send the energy out and you get one of your own to do "right".

-  I also broke my thumbnail below the line where it connects.  I can't cut it off yet, it's catching on everything.  I hate it.


+  I got to spend some serious quality time with my sister's kids this weekend.  They're monsters, but I love them. 

+  My boss brought me a donut yesterday. 

+  Remember how I said I was broke?  I wasn't kidding.  People have offered to help, but I'm stubborn.  I'll eat the sprinkles in my cupboard for dinner before I accept help.  That being said, while I don't need anything right now I have been busting my ass trying to make a few extra dimes here and there because I know I have some expenses coming up.  I've been doing survey sites and microtasks that involve things like marketing surveys and transcription. It adds up pretty quickly especially because I can do them between calls at my regular job.  On one site, I earned and got paid (as in deposited in my credit union account)nearly $30 this week. 

+ I managed to get the floor scrubbed. 

The "Rules"

Write a blog post with the Feats and the Fails from your week, or comment them below

Feats: something you did, accomplished, conquered or triumphed over or something that made you want to brag or celebrate.  It can be as simple or complex as you want.

Fails: something you said or did that wasn't so awesome, something that happened that wasn't so great, a low point in the week, or just something you wish had gone better...share, commiserate, and then LET IT GO because it is Friday for goodness' sake!

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