Friday, July 28, 2017

Feats and Fails

Happy Friday!!! 

Welcome to Friday Feats and Fails!  You can find "The Rules" of how to participate down below! 


- I am totally and utterly exhausted.  I haven't done anything all week.

- I'm still having car problems, because I'm still broke.

- I think I have Plantar Faciitis. It hurts.


+  I have a huge family, so my car is fucked up and I can't go anywhere whenever I want but I'm still getting out. So that's good.

+  I managed to finish a book and start another one this week, which is fantastic because I haven't updated my "What I'm Reading" page in awhile. 

+ I got on a boat for a work thing and had fun.  It's a big deal because I'm not really boat person.

+  That's it.  Not good, but not bad week.

The "Rules"

Write a blog post with the Feats and the Fails from your week, or comment them below

Feats: something you did, accomplished, conquered or triumphed over or something that made you want to brag or celebrate.  It can be as simple or complex as you want.

Fails: something you said or did that wasn't so awesome, something that happened that wasn't so great, a low point in the week, or just something you wish had gone better...share, commiserate, and then LET IT GO because it is Friday for goodness' sake!

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1 comment:

  1. Im glad you got a good support network of fam who's got your back when your car isn't cooperating. And yay for the boat ride! Im not a fan and got on one on vacay a few times this past week.

    Happy Friday! ✌💙