Sunday, August 13, 2017

Comfort Food for the Soul

Remember when Chicken Soup For The Soul first came out?  It started with one book, then there were more books for the soul.  Then there were books for the Teenage soul and the Preteen soul.  Eventually, there was even a Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul.  It then turned into self help books.

It seems it is almost impossible to find the true source of a quote on the Internet anymore, but I once saw a meme that said something along the lines of:

You are the books you read, the movies you watch, the music you listen to, the people you spend time with, and the conversations you engage in.  Choose wisely what you feed your mind. 

Sometimes, I forget how important it is to make sure I am feeding myself the right things.  Denial is a powerful thing.   Sometimes, I think I can't be sidelined by consuming a few things that are bad for me.  A naughty treat here and there can't be so bad, right?  Until it is.  Sometimes, I don't always realize that I'm unwell and that I've been feeding myself the wrong things until I'm sick.

I think more of us are sick than we realize.  There's been speculation and studies about food and chemicals, but we don't just consume food. Every single day we consume news, media, and conversation that is poisonous to our bodies or our psyche.  There's so much in our everyday lives that isn't beautiful, serves no purpose and doesn't bring us joy.  What, then, do those things do for us?

More importantly, how do those things impact those of us who are already struggling with illness?

I try to talk openly about struggling with chronic pain and my struggles with mental illness.  I do it because I think it's important not only for me, but for other people.  Whether it's about removing some of the stigma by just having the conversations or by openly discussing my struggles so that maybe someone else will read it and see that they're not alone.

Right now, I need some chicken soup for my soul.  I need conversational comfort food. I need mood lifting music.  I need to be with the people who remind me not only who I am but inspire me to be the best version of myself.  Sometimes, you have to shut out the word and selectively filter what comes it.

What good things do you feed yourself when you're feeling sick?

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