Sunday, August 6, 2017


When I was in High School, we did a unit learning the difference between Subjective versus Objective specifically relating to headlines and new reports, sex in advertising, and bias in media.

I struggle to watch any kind of news report now.

The first thing I stopped watching was Good Morning America.  Even know, listening to the things they say to try and keep viewers watching after commercials grates on my nerves.  Then things like 20/20.  While I'm all for reporting on things that impact our world, it seemed that every hour of these shows included a story about a hidden danger lurking in our everyday lives.  What bothers me is the fact that these dangers lurked before, but no one reads the warning labels and somehow it is a revelation when some reporter adds dramatic music and a photo of the fine print with a shadowy vignette.  Or worse, when the report is on a "danger" that people would have realized had they applied even the tiniest amount of thought to it.  Say, for example, Nutella isn't actually healthy for you.  Anyone who has ever tasted it should have been able to tell you that without reading the label.

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