Sunday, September 17, 2017

Polluted Mermaid Hair

From the ages of 21 to 29, I worked for employers that would not allow me to have alternative colored hair. Except for a few pink streaks, I've stuck to all natural colors. I became tired of the maintenance, the damage and the cost. I grew out my natural color. This lasted a good couple of years.

It lasted until a few months ago when I was online and a post about magenta hair came up.  It was so gorgeous. I thought about it for a week before deciding to do it. The thought that prompted me to take the leap?

I'm not getting any younger. I might as well have a little fun with the hair I have while I still have it.

I started with magenta. Then I was a violet vixen for a few months. I recently decided that I wanted to have teal hair. I promptly ordered teal dye from the company that made my violet dye that I loved so much. The company had recently come out with a new formula that was longer lasting with less bleed and I was so excited to try it.

I prepared my hair. But when I opened the box of new dye, the safety seal looked like it had been opened and resealed. I'd seen lots of safety seals with manufacturing defects and the products were fine. I assumed that perhaps the products were cheap because of the defect.

I know I'm not supposed to buy salon products at the drugstore. I'd heard of counterfeit products being sold online, but I was buying hair dye not a Coach bag. Imagine my surprise when I rinsed my hair and blow dried it to find that there seemed to be something wrong.  Very wrong.  My hair felt very slimy and the color mostly washed down the drain. Unfortunately, by that point it was too late for me to do anything about it. I had to go to work with my splotchy, uneven, faded new hair color. I jokingly named the color Polluted Mermaid.

Upon reviewing the seller, they'd had a number of bad reviews from others who had experienced the same thing. When I remembered I'd bought another tube of dye from the same seller in a different color, I opened the box.  This tube's safety seal had also been punctured. Two different tubes in different colors, bought on different days from the same company and both were opened. That seems highly unlikely. I'm not saying I received counterfeit product, but... it did seem likely that it was tampered.

I fixed my hair that night. I also made sure to give myself a speech about the importance of safety seals. Lesson learned. I'm sure I'll forget though.

Have you ever bought something online that turned out to be a bad purchase? Did you learn your lesson?

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