About Me

Thanks for reading…or randomly finding your way here and staying!

I'm Ashley (my friends call me Hot Ash).  I am a woman who is fast approaching 30 years old from Wisconsin, the beautiful and sometimes frigid land of Cheese and Beer.  I am a Customer Service Superstar and Photo Editor by day, which is a fancy way of saying I am the Complaint Department and I spend a huge portion of my day looking at beautiful photos of kids, weddings, and sunsets (and the occasional baby that looks like Chris Farley).  By night, I make being single look like some kind of super power when I'm not telling my sister's children I have magical powers or reveling in being a childless, vodka drinking, introverted cat lady.

Trying new things is a passion of mine and I believe that I am only here for a short time so I should see, experience and taste as many things as possible; sometimes the pursuit of this ends in hilarity.  I'm trying to live on a budget while eating healthier and dealing with a binge eating disorder which is hard because I LOVE FOODI am a product junkie and like to share products I love.  I spend a lot of time cooking, baking and doing crafts involving glitter or as I like to call it: Martha Stewart Craft Shit.   I struggle with depression, chronic pain issues and self-diagnosed open-Mouth Insert-Foot Disorder.  I can't make peace with an unhappy situation until I can find something funny about it, I also tend to over-share and like the F-word a lot.  I’m really just trying to figure it all out as I mess it up along the way, and sometimes I'm funny about it. 

 When I started "More Than Cheese and Beer", the goal was to explore my inner growing Foodie, and move past the stereotype that midwestern cooking is just about Cheese and Beer (because sometimes, it feels that way).  I never intended to talk about myself.  I started writing about more than food and More Than Cheese and Beer really became more because I'm about so much more. What you can expect to find here are stories, rants, recipes, product reviews and recommendations.  Every Sunday you can find my confessions and confessions of others during Sunday Confessions.

Thanks for joining me.  I hope you'll stick around!