Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday

My girl Juicebox Confession has decided to take up Thankful Thursdays.  I adore her...and I think, especially lately, that I haven't been spending much time being thankful for the amazing and awesome things that I have.  So I'm going to jump on board and do 10 with her!

1. Being Me.  Seriously.  I've found myself in some situations lately...and I know if I were anyone BUT me...things could have seriously been worse.  So I'm very glad for that. 

2.  Fellow Bloggers.  I receive a metric shit ton of support from other bloggers.  Some who have even become friends in spite of living across the country.  I'm grateful and blessed to be allowed into their inner sanctum. 

3. My Mom.  Things haven't been easy for me lately.  28 years ago mom was having contractions.  It's been a long road with me and she is my rock, my lifesaver, my problem solver, my warrior...words cannot express.

4. My brother, my sisters, and my nephew...they keep me whole. 

5. My friends.  Friends are family you choose and I'm so glad I have people to laugh with, fight with, and love. 

6. More Than Cheese and Beer...seriously.  I'm so proud of this and the awesome people who interact with me, share with me and encourage me every day. 

7. Salted Caramel everything.

8. A job where, while I might not be changing the world I still feel like a part of a team. 

9. Love.  There are people who love me more than I know.  There are people who love me more than I deserve.  I forget this often, but I am always glad when I am reminded of it. 

10.  Bed.  I am grateful for my bed and I can't wait to return home to it tonight.