Thursday, May 1, 2014

Have you met Brian the Foot Guy? (Part 1)

I first "met" Brian about a month ago when he sent me a message on Facebook during Sunday Confessions asking me if I would post his offer to buy pictures of women's feet for $50.

I'm not going to lie...I didn't know what to think.  The truth is Brian is pretty straightforward about what he does and wants, and that kind of forwardness put me off a little bit.  Don't get me wrong, I've posted questionable things before and some people would say I do it all day, but the last thing I want to do is post something and be associated with a scam, or some kind of harassment.  

So I took it to a group of bloggers that I know and asked them what they thought.  The response?  

"Omg, you haven't met Brian yet?  You're not a serious blogger/page admin until Brian asks you to share his request!"

Well, now that I knew I had "arrived" I decided to ask Brian some more questions about how it works because I wanted to at least try and make sure it wasn't some seedy, creepy thing because I was still feeling a little weird about it.  He assured me that the photos were for his own personal use, that other people do not see them, and that he pays by Paypal or Money Order and he also told me he had over 100 women who would vouch for him. 

I have to admit, I was fascinated.  It's not that I haven't met men who were into feet before.  My ex (who I like to call White Demon) was particularly fond of my feet though I don't really know what it is like to date someone who is into feet because our relationship was mostly long distance.  Another time, I had a gentleman at a Chinese Buffet tell the boyfriend-that-was that my feet were beautiful and he was a lucky man.  Truth be told, I've never thought I had pretty feet until then. 

I still wasn't sure what to think.  If I posted it and my readers took advantage of Brian's offer, would that make me a foot pimp?  Should I have been asking for money to run his "ad"?  And to be honest, blogging isn't cheap; I'd been told I had pretty feet  in the past and $50 isn't a small amount of money...if I sent pics of MY feet to Brian, would I be a foot hooker?  Would that make me a pestitute instead of a prostitute?

So I posted his request, and just for fun...I included a pic of my feet as a freebie (mostly because I was still so proud of my birthday pedicure, and I was hoping he'd tell me I have pretty feet) 

The responses varied, including one from a guy who thought I needed to trim my toenails (thanks, dude...but that is a french pedi with a THICK white line, not a need for a clippers), but overall quite a few people seemed interested.  Meanwhile, I was still chatting Brian up.  As it turns out, he really is pretty well-known among Facebook Page Admins and least I think so because even  the awesome blogger, author, and all around HILARIOUS RachRiot wrote about him.  Read it here.

Brian generated lots of interest.  And the best part?  He was totally willing to do an interview with me and tell me about himself and answer my questions and questions from my readers.

So, who is Brian?  Why does Brian love feet and why is he paying for these photos?  How does he pay for them?

And the most important question of all:  Was I willing to send Brian pictures of MY feet, and was he really going to pay?

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