Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Feats & Fails 10/03/2014

Was it just me or was this week a long one?  Uffda.  It seemed to drag on with every day feeling like it should be Friday.  But, that happens I guess.  Hopefully when I look at the Feats & Fails of this week it will all "break even".


-  On Sunday, my nephew actually asked me for a shirt featuring Abe Lincoln that said "Swagger".  I'm hoping he was just caught up in asking for things and didn't genuinely like it, but I'm concerned.

-  Speaking of my nephew, he woke me up at like 6 a.m. on Sunday.

-  Monday was rough.

-  I had a meeting with my boss this week.  It wasn't necessarily a bad meeting, but if you corner me and ask me what I think sometimes things come out that maybe shouldn't.  I'm having some reservations, but whatever.  I was honest but respectful and it is what it is.

-  The night after my meeting with my boss brought an argument with Bonehead.  That argument led to me having to admit to certain issues I have that make "normal", simple things really hard.  I hate admitting to things that are "wrong" with me.  Then this happened...

-  I didn't write anything all week, except this.  Which feels like a fail because I'm been so motivated lately.

-  I've been tracking most days on MyFitnessPal, but I'm over my calories and under on steps.

-  It has been cold, rainy and gray for days.

-  Friday is starting out listening to a coworker talk about his buddy's complicated and tragic divorce, which I'm tired of hearing about.  And my paycheck is already gone.  Depressing.


+  Dinner with my Mom Saturday night... which is always good because I enjoy spending time with my Mom SO much.  And we got to have an interesting conversation about Brian the Foot Man.

+  My nephew ended up getting a "Keep it Weird" shirt.  Which I was happy to buy him.  I think there is hope yet.

+  While my nephew woke me up at 6 a.m. that also meant I got to do a lot of fun things with him including getting coffee, going out to breakfast, and going to the Farmer's market.

+  I cleaned under my bed.  That is a big deal.

+  I hit 100,000 Pageviews.

+  I have an interview this afternoon that I'm very excited about.  VERY excited about.

+  I got to see Bonehead this past weekend (before our argument).

+  I have no plans this weekend.  And while part of me feels really lonely about that, I'm also really ok with it.

+  I'm wearing a new bra.  So yay for that.

So that's it.  Guess I better start working on making things better this weekend.  How about you?  How is Friday treating you today?  Special plans for the weekend?