Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Feats & Fails 1/9/2015

Ok... we're one week into the New Year.  So, how was it?  Are you resolutions still intact?  Have you frozen to death in the Midwest?  Tell me about the Feats and Fails of the first official week of 2015!

-  Customers at work were a seriously mixed bag this week.  I had a priest suggest I pay him for counseling which is interesting because he is the one who called me and rambled on about mold in the church for 15 minutes.  I had another customer send me a rather infuriating email giving me directions which really just made him sound like an idiot but it was downright condescending especially because he had no idea what he was talking about. 

Here's a good rule of thumb: If you know nothing about commercial production, don't offer advice based on your previous experience with household appliances. Telling a commercial printer to click "Print to Fit" makes you sound like a douchey moron.

-  The Midwest is frozen.  Schools, almost entire cities have been shut down on account of the -20 F windchill. 

-  I drank WAY too much coffee this week. 

-  I haven't gone back to Yoga after amazing experiences last week. 

-  Hellacious PMS.  Yeah I said it.  I'm freezing cold, hormonal and stuffing my face like food is going extinct.  It is a vicious cycle: I eat because I'm cold and irritable, but when I run out of food I have to go out into the world of cold and irritating. 

-  I've encountered some seriously entitled assholes this week.  The other day, I actually had a guy text me and thank me for "wasting his time" because we texted for a few months, and then I dropped him like a hot potato.  Apparently, texting someone for a few months means they get to use your body however they see fit or they were led on. What a creep.  Ready for the cherry on top?  The reason I stopped talking to him was because I found him on both Fetlife and Craigslist looking for Casual Hook-ups and "Hotel Room Fun".  If you're into that, great.  But don't come to me telling me I wasted your time because you were looking around for something else anyway, and I don't owe you shit.  Douchebag. 

-  Got my new favorite Sourpuss cardigan, and it doesn't fit my tits. 

-  Ordered t-shirts from a site I promoted recently on December 17th.  They still have not arrived.  When I emailed them the emails bounced back.  I tweeted them...two days now and no answer.  I emailed again and now it has been 24 hours without an answer.  They're a small business.  I work for a small business so I get it.  They growth of their business was sudden and unexpected... they clearly didn't think to hire holiday help.  It's ok... I get it.

What I don't get is how they keep advertising on Facebook and they're a month behind in orders.  Stop promoting yourselves if you can't keep up.  171k followers and two people?  It can't happen.  Very disappointed.  I gave them a mental "grace period".  I'd be happy with a simple "Hey. Sorry.  We haven't forgotten about you" but it has been nearly a solid month of absolutely zero contact and THAT is what pisses me off.  

-  I despise being treated like a 2nd choice or an afterthought.    Invite me along, ask me out, but I hate being an afterthought.  I had a guy ask me out as his "consolation prize" when his "better" plans fell through.  This is how you get friend-zoned, and if your already there, acquaintance-zoned.

 -  I got my awesome Sourpuss Cardigan and this card came with it.  That is hilarious.

-  My new mug came from Rebel Circus.


 - Honest Company sent me a free gift with my cleaning supplies.

-  I've been on top of my calorie counting and MyFitnessPal MOST of the week. 

-  I keep getting closer to 3,000 Facebook "Likes" and that feels good. 

-  My boss gave me keys to the office.  That might not be a big thing to everyone, but when he told me I earned them... that felt good.  I'm proud.  I've also been learning new things and that is cool.  The fact that I seem to be good at the new things I'm learning is awesome.  I'm very proud of working as hard as I do and feeling recognized for it. 

-  I was able to do something good for a friend. 

-   I finally made more Butternut Squash soup.  It is amazing. 

-  Spaghetti squash.  Finally tried it.  Fell hard.  Have eaten like 3 or 4 in the last week. Seriously. 

- I started cleaning house.  Something came over me and I just started moving and getting things done. 

I think that's it.  There was a lot of not-so-awesome, but I don't feel bad about any of it overall.  Just lots of dumb little annoying things.  The rest was pretty good. 

How about you?