Sunday, September 20, 2015

Please Share Food

I'm avoiding social media right now.

It's sounds like such a passive aggressive thing to do, except I'm really just being polite.  I just can't take the widespread ICK that is the Internet right now. 

Inspirational memes make me want to throw up lately.  I keep seeing the same sentiments posted over and over.  The most irritating being the one that denies all responsibility for your own life.  The message, in summary, being: "If you're facing challenges, it's because you're being made better.  If people are leaving your life, it's because they're the wrong people.  If bad things are happening, it's not because anything in life is actually a consequence of your's because there is a higher purpose".  Sometimes when you're struggling, you need to believe there is reason behind it.  But sometimes in life, you face challenges, people leave you, and bad things happen because you're being a dick as a direct result of your actions. 

I've started unfriending people who made nasty comments on my status updates.  It isn't that I don't think we can disagree, have differences of opinion, or share our own thoughts without staying friends.  I've simply run out of excuses or patience for people who want to use the things I share on social media as an excuse to take a dig at me for something they're unhappy about in their own life or in "retaliation" for being unhappy with me for some reason.

I've run out of patience for people who misrepresent themselves.  There have been people I've met that I thought I could really love.  People who I invited into my life whose lives I tried to be a part of as well.  People who I messaged and had conversations with late at night.  People I thought cared.  It turns out I simply fell for the social media facade.  They wax poetic about their lives in public, but if you watch and wait long enough eventually you'll see that you can roll a piece of crap in powdered sugar, but that doesn't make it a jelly donut. 

I've grown weary of the kind of people who want to blather on aimlessly about eating healthy, avoiding processed food, gluten/corn syrup/GMO free food because they care so much about what goes IN their mouth but not so much about what comes OUT of it.  What is the point in making sure you get the best, organic, most healthy fuel if what comes out of you is toxicity?  What higher purpose do you serve if in all of your crunchy, organic goodness... you're a really mean-spirited, ugly person hiding behind status symbols of someone who is about goodness?

I'm over it.  I really just want everyone to go back to sharing photos of their food.