Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Feats & Fails

We've come to the end of the week.  I don't know about you but it has been a little bit of a long one.  So let's talk about the Feats and Fails from the week!


-  There are people in my life who are struggling with things in their lives right now. I try really hard to be supportive in ways both physical and by just trying to "be there" when people need to vent or want my perspective. That being said, it can be really hurtful when people reject your kindness. It is hurtful when people abuse or are ungrateful for your generosity. It can be draining when you're dealing with people who have emotional issues. I have a lot of people in my life that I love and care about and want to support, but I'm overwhelmed.  I need people to tell me what they need from me or how I can help them and be reasonable about it. I don't have the energy to play guessing games, chase people down so they can tell me how I can help them, or deal with people who are upset because I'm not meeting needs that were not communicated to me. 

-  I haven't folded laundry in weeks.  A fact my boyfriend pointed out to me like twice in the past two days (Thanks Hun!).

-  On Wednesday, my boyfriend was helping me install one of the window air conditioners (HUGE FAIL.  I miss my Central Air but the landlord refuses to have it repaired) and a bookshelf holding cookbooks and all of my craft supplies came crashing down less than two feet from where I was standing!  I'm ok.  I only lost some beads so far.  But the mess has been a bit much to deal with.

-  I had a fight with Amazon.  They're not shipping things with 2nd Day Air the way they are supposed to (I'm a prime member) and they messed up my orders this week.  

-  My damn demon cat keeps clawing the carpet.  I've pretty much reached the point where I have to pay for damages. 

- THE BIGGEST FAIL OF THIS WEEK:  I work for a small business.  A few months ago, we were contacted about producing a product as a prop for a popular streaming show.  In the episode where the product is featured, they refer to it as being made by a competitor.  I'm so angry.  We were super proud to have been able to create a product for the show and we wont get any kind of recognition or attention for it which would have been nice because we're a small business.


+  My boyfriend texted me this morning to tell me he did dishes.  He's also installed the window air conditioner, and fixed the bathroom drain this week.  We're going to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with my mom tonight.

+  I finally finished my bean bag for my camera!  I have been trying to learn macro photography. I was having a hard time with the idea of setting my new camera on the ground when I take photos so I made a Star Wars bean bag!  I love it. Super excited to use it!

Image may contain: camera

+  I tried a great new foot product this week. 

+  As some of you may have realized... the website is starting to feature a little more advertising.  I'm really proud of it.  All of the advertisements and affiliate links featured on the site are for products and websites that I personally use and enjoy.  In the past, I've featured reviews for products and services that I enjoyed, but I was not receiving anything in return for giving these companies what equates to free advertising.  As an affiliate, I'm able to share things that I love AND receive a small commission.  I'm not selling things on the site.  I'm not becoming a salesperson. I'm NOT getting paid for everything on the site and I'm still going to be doing honest, unbiased reviews.  I will always disclose what products I have purchased and what has been provided for me.  But I'm very excited to be able to offset some of the costs of the blog by advertising.  How it works: if you purchase any item from one of these online retailers by clicking to their site through an advertisement or affiliate link I feature on my site, the cost will be the same to you but I will receive a small commission.  It's that simple. Your purchase helps support this site and is very much appreciated!

This is a FEAT this week because I get very excited every time I am able to become an affiliate for a company I really like.  

+  I'm writing again.  I haven't been blogging at all and it feels good to be back.  I tried a new link-up this week that went well.  You can find it here:

+  I'm bringing back Sunday Confessions this week.  It's been too long and it's time.