Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fresh Challenge

There's something about the word Fresh that makes you feel good, isn't there?

Fresh paint.

Fresh socks.

Fresh cut grass.  

Fresh hair cut. 

Fresh laundry. 

Fresh produce.

My life has felt a little stagnant lately.  Like I keep finding myself in too many of the same places doing the same things. I'm not a thrill seeker.  I'm not trendy.  I'm not financially able to buy the latest and greatest whatever. I have ridiculous social anxiety. I struggle with change. 

I value new people, experiences, flavors, sights, knowledge and perspectives... my life needs a fresh breeze of all these things. 

So, starting today I'm challenging myself to experience something Fresh every day for the month of July.  I know it's already the 2nd, but... I'm going to try anyway and I'm going to take photos and share them on Instagram.   I hope you'll join me!

What's fresh?  Fresh food. Fresh laundry. Fresh sights.  Fresh produce.  Fresh experiences.  Show me something you've never made before, tasted before, seen before, done before.  Share something you did with fresh ingredients.  Share your fresh haircut or hair color or new makeup.  Show me a fresh manicure.  Let's freshen things up!

If you decide to join me, tag me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @MoreCheeseBeer and use the hashtag #fresh30challenge